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Star Trek Collectables

        Star Trek has been a popular topic for many years. Whether you enjoyed the movies or the series' there is a wonderful feeling that comes with collecting Star Trek items. From the figurines to the models, and even the movies, Star Trek collectables are very popular and are highly coveted by those who will forever be Trekkies.

        Star Trek collectables come in many forms. As far as figures, there are many to choose from, such as the original crew, Dr. Spock, Captain Kirk, and Scotty. There are also many collectables from the spin-off series' such as Captain Picard and Dr Phlox. Whichever version of Star Trek peaks your interest, you can find many collectables to add to your current pieces.

        Models are a highly popular form of collecting Star Trek memorabilia. From the original Enterprise to the Voyager, you can give your figurines a place to call home with the model of their starship. You may also be interested in the many phasers and communicators available to add to your current collection. After all, if you are planning to have an authentic collection, then you need all the items that the Enterprise crew would have used. These items make wonderful conversation pieces with other Star Trek lovers. You may want to dedicate a room for your Star Trek command center, and add all the items that your heart desires. Star Trek collectables have become more and more popular since the origination of the series.

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